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CleanMyMac 3 by MacPaw - Review and Guide

It does they'll be doing for CleanMyMac Review by MacPaw. To start the stand first in the application moved off the side to choose Scan and the run through what's in the actual application itself. You have here is your caches and is as your user caches and the supposedly they are like applications load faster and delete that is their logs all clean up those.

To download CleanMyMac 3, click here.

Language files are briskly files and your files that have other languages in them as you can delete those random other languages universal binaries or older architecture types for your PCs.

That doesn't really need that can delete existing junk force just random files that this is neither writes a certain place under drives and then your trash it just mostly basmati for your trash. On your extensions are your widgets and then you can use this you can drag your applications here in all delete the app and find all the young extensions are usually those well. Not the same thing for files is what progresses care.

Now go to the preferences a little bit and this and this menu you can change what you default when you enable way by default to scan and clean and your user cash for cash, user log, system logs and the privileges means you have to unlock it on so that later in this browser.

The singers keep you pick a language that your main leaders and will delete all the others, this menu is for external drives you connect and all the three options your parenting go marble or titanium personnel for titanium.

Advanced menu

Whether you securely erase rearward suit means a rewrite three times or it can be detected again basically, then you have enabled automatic applications hours I did I think is really helpful.

Just your trash monitor, if you use the, is just more important update settings to help that'll open up your help menu show you a rundown of my Mac you click support center if you need more help us.


Once the scan is finished, you click clean and then we left the sidewalks finishes cleaning you can see I have about four gigs of stuff to delete just to see the various types of files and finds.

 It says are all right to delete a lot of different language files back to gays of all my applications, language files can be deleted, many universal binaries as well in the same manner not too much system junk and not too much trash and I deleted it just recently.


So that should be good so not much trash there and once it finishes it may come over this dialog box and obviously means that you need to click on the lock down here and you'll log in here and allow my Mac to change your files. You result from this cleaning I recovered three gigs and that's a total of almost three recovered.

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The Preventive Measures to Avoid the Risk of Damaging the Laptop

Laptop is a very common device with everyone, anyone can invest for themselves a laptop just budget. However, not everyone knows how to preserve it from deterioration. not only broken software and the operating system that also can be hazardous to the hardware of the laptop. And if the damaged software can easily remedy that's not too expensive, but if it affects hardware can transform the notebook into a useless. To fight against external impacts part for laptop, laptop accessories shops always introduced the Best backpack for college students and for those who use laptop. However, to make sure than you should know the threat is not good for a laptop. So, don't let the laptop was damaged because of improper administration of your mind. The following are common causes of damage and the tips on how to avoid.

1/ Laptop Crashed

Many laptop now quite light, so users have a habit of holding it with one hand and the probability of the risk occurring does laptop crashed to the ground is extremely large. If the location of the fall down is the concrete floors or marble surface, then the machine is shatter to pieces is sure. More common case is that you open the air out and put it on an arm to use. When the machine is dropped, the screen will definitely break, the hard disk is active will also be corrupted recovery, no longer covers the ragged break or warp depending on the material that the manufacturer made it. One risk is that you dropped the bag containing the laptop. And though not shattered ruins but the laptop will also be damaged. To avoid this, you must always keep the laptop with both hands, especially when moving the machine. Don't put your arm up to use. Do not place the machine onto the banister or handrail of stairs or where there is a narrow plane.Please use the dedicated computer bags have layers of protection against sucking in shock. Care not to drop the bag while moving on the road.


2/ Water Spilled On Laptop

Medium sized dining habits work may cause this risk. You need to complete a problem on my laptop, and you take a glass of water to place next to from the move to go get water. An inadvertent action of sitting can do pour both cups of water into the laptop. More dangerous if it is tea, coffee, water, fruit juice or coke. If your computer continues to run in a state filled with water like that, then the extent of damage to the machine. You can also leave the computers outside the grounds at the rain, or drop it down to the lake. So, absolutely do not eat near laptop, to ensure hygiene, just avoid falling into the water. Not the laptop, or the edge of the lake.

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How to Take a Screenshot on macOS - Simple Tricks

In this post, I will show you how to take a screenshot on Mac as a tech person I can tell you that it is really handy to me when I'm dealing with someone who's trying to describe an issue to me. I'm trying to solve it's easy if they just show me the issue rather than try to describe it whether it's through email or voicemail so using a screen capture is a really good tool that I think everyone should probably know so let's go over the four different ways to do it.

4 Simple Ways To Take A Screenshot On macOS

Command + Shift + 3

The first is to just simply capture the entire screen and to be three keys that you would hit on your keyboard at the same time: Command + Shift + 3 (the number three)

When you do that it'll take a photo just as you see I've just done. Here to put it on your desktop and you go that's the entire screen.

Command + Shift + 4

The second method is very similar it's: Command + Shift +  4 and you'll see what happens is the cursor see what turns into that crosshair so what I can do now is I can ride with my cursor and tell it to just take a photo of a certain portion of the screen.

Command + Shift + 4 + Space

The third method is great for when you're trying to capture an application of some sort so let's am having some sort of a problem with Safari and I need to capture just Safari it's similar to the other method. It's: Command + Shift + 4 again the difference is that you're going to hit then all three of those you can tap Spacebar, that locks it into a very specific application sequence.

I put my cursor over Safari; Safari is highlighted by moving to the desktop background now that is highlighted so by click here just what's on the Google screen is the I have a perfectly cropped image of just my web browser that works with every application. 


Finally, there is the fourth method which is to capture video of your screensaver of us are of your desktop and the way to do this is through the built in application. You can go here into launchpad and most of you will have a set up that looks something similar to this you should have this little folder here called "Other," all these are actually in your Mac's applications for right appear at the top left we have QuickTime player

Click on that nothing actually opens but if you look right now at the very top left of the screen you'll see it does say QuickTime player from here . We go to File and it is the third option down new screen recording just simply click on that give you this little pop up here hit the little Red dot and then click and it will record the screen and when you are done.

If you want to stop the recording if you look appear my top menu bar over a sort of towards the top right. We have this little icon right here, click on that to Stop the recording to see if I hit Play right now it'll play the little video that I just captured my speakers muted so you can hear. That is how it works those are the four different ways to capture your Mac's screen.

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How to Hide Files and Folders on a Mac

How to hide or show hidden files on Mac when you have to show your Mac with someone else chances are that you don't want him or her to have free access to all of your files.

Since you cannot always create a new account for each guest user, here is how to hide files and folders that you don't want others to see.

How to hide the files or folder on a Mac

Let's say we want to hide the invoice PDF file, what to do? In your finder menu click go utilities and choose Terminal. Terminal will open a new command window in this window type the following command that will hide your file.

In parentheses type:

chflags space hidden and a single space now drag the file that you want to hide to the terminal window the name of the file will be added to the command. Click the Return key, that will activate the file adding command.

Just in the same way, you can hide a folder watch how we hide the folder with our personal photos. Here you go, our Mac is ready for guest browsing when you're back to working on your Mac, you probably want to unhide your files and folders.

To do that open up the terminal window again and while being inside the window press the up arrow key that will reveal the last command performed by terminal, use the Arrow key to reach the word hidden inside the command and change it to non-hidden press the return key to unhide the file or folder. 


If you need to hide a lot of files and folders from time to time we suggest you create a special hidden file/folder when you temporarily transfer them all. You've just learned how to hide and keep partners on your Mac.

This was a how dictatorial like us on Facebook love is forever or leave us a comment here in the fields below thanks for reading.

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