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CleanMyMac 3 by MacPaw - Review and Guide

It does they'll be doing for CleanMyMac Review by MacPaw. To start the stand first in the application moved off the side to choose Scan and the run through what's in the actual application itself. You have here is your caches and is as your user caches and the supposedly they are like applications load faster and delete that is their logs all clean up those.

To download CleanMyMac 3, click here.

Language files are briskly files and your files that have other languages in them as you can delete those random other languages universal binaries or older architecture types for your PCs.

That doesn't really need that can delete existing junk force just random files that this is neither writes a certain place under drives and then your trash it just mostly basmati for your trash. On your extensions are your widgets and then you can use this you can drag your applications here in all delete the app and find all the young extensions are usually those well. Not the same thing for files is what progresses care.

Now go to the preferences a little bit and this and this menu you can change what you default when you enable way by default to scan and clean and your user cash for cash, user log, system logs and the privileges means you have to unlock it on so that later in this browser.

The singers keep you pick a language that your main leaders and will delete all the others, this menu is for external drives you connect and all the three options your parenting go marble or titanium personnel for titanium.

Advanced menu

Whether you securely erase rearward suit means a rewrite three times or it can be detected again basically, then you have enabled automatic applications hours I did I think is really helpful.

Just your trash monitor, if you use the, is just more important update settings to help that'll open up your help menu show you a rundown of my Mac you click support center if you need more help us.


Once the scan is finished, you click clean and then we left the sidewalks finishes cleaning you can see I have about four gigs of stuff to delete just to see the various types of files and finds.

 It says are all right to delete a lot of different language files back to gays of all my applications, language files can be deleted, many universal binaries as well in the same manner not too much system junk and not too much trash and I deleted it just recently.


So that should be good so not much trash there and once it finishes it may come over this dialog box and obviously means that you need to click on the lock down here and you'll log in here and allow my Mac to change your files. You result from this cleaning I recovered three gigs and that's a total of almost three recovered.

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