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How to use the new Snapchat Update in 2017

Today, we are going to be talking about the new Snapchat update as you can see in the article below. The first, you need to update the latest Snapchat version on your device. Once you have updated, just open it. You will see your bit moji, a new search bar and the camera items have been moved up to the top right.

The Bit Moji

If you tap on the bit moji that will bring down this screen the same thing as swiping down before. In the case, you need to edit your moji, and you can tap on the Gear icon at the top left.


You will see the new view that allows you to dive into a chat with any person quickly. That's interesting how they're starting to incorporate this an entirely new interface. When you are going to swipe over to the left, there are some new animations on Snapchat which bring in like the blue overlay.


Refresh animation still got the bit moji and the search icon at the top. I think it's pretty cool but it's just a nice refresh to their design with more emphasis on searching, but nothing like huge has changed. Now, we are going to swipe up here to the memories we could also tap this icon there at the center of the screen. They put a lot of detail into the animations on this thing. It's a little different interface and nicer more playful design. 

I took a picture and then slide the wrong way. I back go to someone, you have a street foot and send the picture solution and then slide to the right. If you need to save Snapchat video, you can also quickly get this job done.

I don't know why even when to send that to someone and time I back out of change. That's pretty much awesome. If you have a question, I can please feel free to leave a comment below.

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