CleanMyMac 3 is the latest Mac cleaning app developed by MacPaw by modifying its previous version. This easy-to-use app can clean your Mac computer effectively even if it has not been cleaned since long. Mac computers have a tendency to accumulate lots of unnecessary stuff with time including language support files, developer files and copies of images etc.

This app helps in recovering the junk material unnecessarily consuming the space of your harddisc. CleanMyMac review provided in this write-up will help you to know this Mac cleaning app more closely.

Overview of CleanMyMac 3

cleanmymac 3

CleanMyMac 3 not only helps in cleaning junk from your Mac but also offers a number of utilities for the maintenance of your Mac. It includes a number of features including shredder and uninstaller etc. to make cleaning easier and effective.

Though you can also use the functions provided in this app by using the terminals of your MAC but to use them you need lots of time and expertise. So for the users of Mac it is the best Mac cleaning application.

Pros and cons of CleanMyMac 3


  • It is a smart Mac cleaning app as it starts working just with a single clickThe uninstaller feature of this app removes an application in parts while uninstalling itYour tracks are protected by its privacy featureIt is incredibly easy-to-use due to its user friendly interface


  • It can slow the startup as it adds itself in the list of login items when installed on a systemIts trial version is available for limited time periodIt can sometimes annoy you by sending too many alerts.

Features of CleanMyMac 3

cleanmymac 3

Smart Cleanup: It makes this app more efficient and critical. It can make right decision while deleting some files from your Mac by leaving your important files and functioning of the Mac by using its intelligent safety database. This app can scan the removable files by using this feature.

Mail Attachments: This feature of this app scans the downloaded mail attachments to clean them. But if you need them again you can still get them from your mailbox.

System Junk: With time certain unnecessary files accumulate of the system regardless of the operating system used on it. This app can delete wide range of unnecessary files saved on your system even without your knowledge by using this feature.

Dashboard: This feature of the app tells you about the utilization of the resources of your system including storage, memory and CPU. It will also tell you about the notifications received regarding the problem faced by the system and its battery. It will also allow you to improve the performance of your system by cleaning up its RAM directly from the dashboard.

iTunes Junk: Some of your iOS data is also stored on iTunes, without your knowledge, along with music files. This feature of CleanMyMac 3 can clean all the junk files from iTunes including software updates and backup files etc.

Maintenance: This feature easily works with Disk Utility of Apple to enable you to set up disk permissions, maintenance of disk and verify the startup disk.

cleanmymac 3

CleanMyMac 3 Menu: This new feature in the latest version of this app allows you to use main tools of the app without opening it. This feature of this app will also allow to free up RAM, remove unresponsive apps forcibly and monitor the trash bin of your system.

Uninstaller: Though Mac OS allows you to uninstall applications but not completely. This feature allows this app to uninstall those remaining pieces of apps that are consuming lots of space on the hard drive.

Privacy: This feature will help the app to clean up all the data that can be dangerous for your privacy like cookies, browsing history, message history, saved passwords, auto-fill values, download history and attachments etc.

Shredder: If there are certain items that you want to clean permanently then this feature of this app can do to for you. So while using this feature you should ensure that you will not need those files in near future.

Extensions: This feature of CleanMyMac 3 collects all the widgets, plugins and extensions of different apps on your system at one place to allow you to manage them as well as disable them as per your requirement.


After going through the CleanMyMac review provided in this write-up it can be said confidently that it is the best application for cleaning a Mac device.