This post will introduce to you some most excellent laptops on the market now which are very suitable to dedicate for students. Moreover, over this link, you can also know more about the best laptop for students .

How to choose the best laptop for students?

1. MacBook Air

Most of the young people love the products coming from the Apple brand. And of course, when you are a fan of this big cat, it is the best to buy a Macbook Air. It has been improved about the thinness as well as the weight, but still continues to inherent features of the legend Macbook product.

We think the Macbook Air can attract you because of the supreme design, absolute thinness, and absolute lightweight together with the durable lifetime of the battery.

2. Toshiba Chromebook 2

Toshiba Chromebook 2 has the price ranged about 500 USD, so it is one of the middle-segment laptops. It will be regretful if you canít try the Chrome OS operating system on this laptop. When you discover the Chromebook 2 of Toshiba, you will be attracted with the sharp and vivid screen with 13 inches wide.

3. Surface Pro 3

It can say that Surface Pro 3 is one of the best laptops. Why? Once you have the chance to use this laptop, the 12-inch screen and incredible features of it will make you love it at the first sight. Though this laptop has a design like a tablet more than an original laptop, but we are sure all the users will be surprised to the supreme speed of its keyboard.

So the students should choose this laptop to note the lectures in the class quickly without carrying a too big and heavy laptop.

4. HP Stream 11

This is one of the top laptops but belongs to the cheap product line. You think how much is it? Maybe you will be surprised when seeing the price attached to each HP Stream 11 at the stores is less than 350 USD. A laptop model in low segment does not mean that it canít be a specific representative of the laptop market.

With the 11-inch screen and the Windows OS 8.1 operating system, the HP Stream 11 is very famous because of some outstanding features like convenience and lightweight, they make this laptop easy to get along with you to anywhere.

5. Microsoft Surface 3

If you are finding the cheap laptop cum tablet with the best quality, we suggest Surface 3. There are a lot of advantages of this laptop, for instance: high flexibility, light weight, and fashionable styling. Moreover, compared to other laptops in the same, you will be impressive because of the durable operating ability.

Besides, Surface 3 also has another advantage that is friendly features for users. So it has become one the most typical laptops nowadays.

6. Asus Zenbook UX305

This laptop is very similar to the Macbook, so you can use it to replace perfectly when your budget canít meet the required price of Macbook. With the 13-inch screen rather large, the Windows operating system and the elegant styling of the MacBook, Asus Zenbook UX305 is really a wonderful mixture of the selected pros of the previous laptop models.

7. Dell XPS 13 2015

This is a laptop which runs the Windows operating system best. And it is also the laptop may be dedicated only for students as it meets all of their requests about the effect, the quality of sound and pictures and the battery longevity. Dell XPS 13 2015 costs about 1.350 USD and has a screen 13 inch. Thus, it is worth spending your money on this valuable laptop.


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The above products surely meet your criterions desiring on the laptops that will belong to you in the near future. With one of them, you do not need to bring the heavy laptop on your shoulder all of the days to move from this class to that campus. The development of industrial design sector has made the design of parts and accessories of the laptop become more neatly and lighter.

Since that, the weight of most of the laptops you use every day is reduced significantly, the mean weight of them on the market is just about 1.5 kilograms. Similarly, their dimension is also produced thinner and more compact than before. Hence, you can put your laptop to fit youíre the mini-bag. And a laptop now becomes a multi-functional syllabus for all subjects at the university!