Sometimes the laptop Windows can cause many unpleasant annoyance for users. However, no denying that Windows also has many more fascinating than the desktop, which is the reason why the laptop using Windows operating system still leads the market for computer operating systems. Below are the features that the Windows laptop gives us, under general of the featured technologies page for today.

windows laptop

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1. Hardware Price Low

Macbook Apple has quite a large price, while you can buy a Windows laptop with only half the price of the Macbook. But surely you will not get the hardware as well as the support of the manufacturer when purchasing cheap equipment. However, for many people, they are the only devices that they can afford.

Summary, PC Windows bring the devices to those who can’t afford to buy a Macbook, not only in developed countries but in all over the world. There, Mac and PC Windows offers a very high price.

2. Hardware Options

PC Windows brings very rich options for users. You can manually select each component a to your PC. If not understand the components on the market there are many laptop or PC with CPU, RAM, memory, different graphics for you to choose. Apple also offered various options for the customers but the PC manufacturer can give all what you can imagine including more powerful Mac hardware.

3. Software Repository

While the mobile platforms are to receive more and more applications, Windows computer also own a giant desktop software repository. It is estimated that about 4 million program for Windows computers. You almost certainly will find software to satisfy any of your needs. This is especially important with the Office applications, which do not conform to the mobile device. Just have one of the many browsers available for Windows, you can do things with his computer.

4. Backwards Compatibility

Not only owns a large software repositories, Microsoft also do very good work backwards compatible. You can still use a snippet of code written over 10 years ago to write software on Windows 8.1. You can also use the desktop application on the Tablet Windows 8.1 to use anywhere. This is all thanks to the flexibility of the Windows.

5. Run A Program Many Times

If you are interested in work efficiency, surely you would not want to try the ipad and android tablets do the main equipment. These devices were very much restricted, you can only use a single application on the screen. Want to see the video just to surf the web on the same screen? You can’t do that on the ipad or android device.

Even though you can use the keyboard for mobile devices, you cannot use the mouse for the iPad.Android supports mouse but only allow the user to click instead of clicking. Tasks like keeping right or is not supported.

6. Large Platform

Windows is still an open desktop platform. If you are developer, you can make Windows software and distributed without permission. You can download the software from anywhere. If you want to install the server or a System Monitor tool, you don’t need to jailbreak or root of your Windows PC. You are in full control.

7. Compatible Hardware

Windows laptop almost as a standard PC, so you can be sure that any hardware components will also be supported by Windows. Unlike the Linux laptop, you don’t have to research their components view select get support community or not. Unlike the Macbook, you don’t have to worry see components manufacturer driver for Macbook Air.