Laptop is a very common device with everyone, anyone can invest for themselves a laptop just budget. However, not everyone knows how to preserve it from deterioration. not only broken software and the operating system that also can be hazardous to the hardware of the laptop. And if the damaged software can easily remedy that’s not too expensive, but if it affects hardware can transform the notebook into a useless.

To fight against external impacts part for laptop, laptop accessories shops always introduced the best backpack for college students and for those who use laptop. However, to make sure than you should know the threat is not good for a laptop. So, don’t let the laptop was damaged because of improper administration of your mind. The following are common causes of damage and the tips on how to avoid.

1. Laptop Crashed


Many laptop now quite light, so users have a habit of holding it with one hand and the probability of the risk occurring does laptop crashed to the ground is extremely large. If the location of the fall down is the concrete floors or marble surface, then the machine is shatter to pieces is sure. More common case is that you open the air out and put it on an arm to use.

When the machine is dropped, the screen will definitely break, the hard disk is active will also be corrupted recovery, no longer covers the ragged break or warp depending on the material that the manufacturer made it. One risk is that you dropped the bag containing the laptop. And though not shattered ruins but the laptop will also be damaged.

To avoid this, you must always keep the laptop with both hands, especially when moving the machine. Don’t put your arm up to use. Do not place the machine onto the banister or handrail of stairs or where there is a narrow plane. Please use the dedicated computer bags have layers of protection against sucking in shock. Care not to drop the bag while moving on the road.

2. Water Spilled On Laptop


Medium sized dining habits work may cause this risk. You need to complete a problem on my laptop, and you take a glass of water to place next to from the move to go get water. An inadvertent action of sitting can do pour both cups of water into the laptop. More dangerous if it is tea, coffee, water, fruit juice or coke.

If your computer continues to run in a state filled with water like that, then the extent of damage to the machine. You can also leave the computers outside the grounds at the rain, or drop it down to the lake. So, absolutely do not eat near laptop, to ensure hygiene, just avoid falling into the water. Not the laptop, or the edge of the lake.

3. Heavy Objects Over Laptop

Risk of Damaging the Laptop

When the table is too cramped, many people have the habit of putting temporary or something up on the screen or laptop keyboard. If the weight of the material put up too badly, the screen may be damaged. It can also make the keyboard or the motherboard in the bent and broken. A few other mistake is to forget the sharp hard objects on the keyboard, and then someone accidentally closing the screen, or hold up heavy objects.

The keyboard and the screen will have to be sharp hard objects made create the hole, could not recover. So should not put anything up laptop keyboard. Always close a laptop monitor when not in use. Do not place heavy objects onto the external casing on the laptop. Not too strong force effect on the area of the keyboard.

4. Flammable Laptop Overheating

Laptops usually output very much heat when used for long periods. If you put it where there is high temperature, or objects that block the escape hole heat loss, will fire and explosion phenomena can occur.

You should use the roman empire of heat for the laptop. Do not set the laptop up soft fabrics have the ability to stop the process of heat.

5. Laptop Repair At Home

You do not have much experience, but want to test your laptop repair. How to do it help for you to have more experience, but created a lot of risk for the laptop. If not turn off the power while repairs, you also can cause the risk of fire and explosion.

If want to experiment more, first ask yourself provides a full knowledge of electrical, electronics, and repair laptops by taking courses at the center. If not aware of the error of the laptop, it is better that you take it to the warranty center.