The hearing aid is one of the essential equipment for deaf patients, help these audiences can hear the sound that the illness made them unable to hear. On the market today has made appearances in many different hearing aid types. If you are wishing to purchase hearing aids. So how to know any good hearing aid, that fits your needs. So, the article below will give you a hint.

1. Hearing Aids Worn Behind the Ear

Hearing aid right after the ears are hearing aid has enough capacity and types suitable for the loss of jewelry at all listening levels. The machine behind the rim of the ear, sound transmission through small tubes to the earmould are made snugly with the ear of each person.

This type is due not to occupy an area of many, should the air circulation in the ear with very good environment, thus, create a sense of comfort for the user. While the price of the machines of this type are also pretty cheap, so there are more than 60% of deaf people to use this machine. The downside of this machines are bulky and affect the aesthetics of the wearer.

2. The Hearing Aid Is in the Cochlea

This is the line of hearing aids are designed to be placed deep in the ear of the person with hearing impairment. This category is small in size, does not cause problems because deep in the ear, the hearing impaired can operate freely without worry of hearing aid…

In addition, the hearing aid is in the cochlea can also insert multiple objects for deaf people at the level of different light-heavy. Of course this type of hearing aid would cause the gas secrets, sometimes cause discomfort for the user, because almost the entire ear cover machine.

3. The Hearing Aid Is in the Ear Cavity

Is the type of hearing aid in the form of compact and handy for hearing AIDS is in ears, designed according to the size and shape of each ear mold, through which hearing aid is set to bow entirely inside the ear. This type of hearing aid is compact, not implicated in the process of use, especially with people who have the habit of many activities.

However, this type of hearing aid usually takes up the ear cavity, making the air circulation and the sound into the ear hampered, leaving the deaf are often not very comfortable. The price of this type of hearing aid is also quite expensive.

4. Located in the Ear Hearing Aid

This type is the smallest line in all the lines of the hearing aid. Designed to fit in the ear every person rather than in the ear cavity as the other machines. The advantage of this machine is very small, so almost no affect on the appearance as well as the lives of the people who use it.


In addition, the machine can also meet the needs of those from light to deep deaf deaf. The downside of this type is prevented the gas exchange in the ear with the outside environment, because nestled off the ear. Besides, not who are deaf can also use this type of hearing aid that is also subject to hearing and map of deaf people.

The price of these machines also in the type of hearing aid, so not everyone is conditioned to insert. Hoping that with the above information, you’ve got yourself the information to choose the type of hearing aid fitting.